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Provocation, sexuality and grit. Abi Joy Samuel is an emerging fine-artist with a statement to make: to empower 21st century women in all of their glory.


Based in London, born in 1993, Abi has only been a part of the art scene for little more than 3 years and in that short space of time, her large scale oil-painted portraits have gained the attention of several patrons (including an art critic for the New York Times), the ‘Lexus Prize’ at the Hampstead Art Fair for best work in show out of more than 300 artists,  3 solo shows and 2 artist residencies- one in the Himalayas with no access to roads or electricity, and more recently, a 6 month, immersive experience in a former brothel in East London. After having been shortlisted for the Fida Fashion Illustration Awards, here is what they had to say about her painting ‘Ophelia Longing’. 


“Abi Joy Samuel oozes romanticism, art nouveau and a touch of purist. The work feels timeless and would sit well in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The painting captures a freeze frame moment that gives a real sense of narrative. This story teller dabbles in a technique of drawing enriched in historical context. We are looking forward to where Abi goes next.” 

" A little madness is key"

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