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"What if everyone, from the day they were born, had one piece of paper assigned to them, and for each experience they had, a drawing was made, one on top of the other, creating a complete visual impression of the complexity of human existence?"


Abi Joy Samuel, born in 1993 and based in London, is an expressionist figurative artist working mainly in charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oils. Her creative process is a deliberate orchestration of multiple layers, imparting a profound sense of 'time passing,' which viewers can perceive in a singular gaze upon her work. This practice immerses her in the exploration of spiritual concepts encompassing attachment, detachment, and the enigmatic world of quantum physics, all while actively engaging with the ephemeral essence of life through the quality of her lines.

These expressions find their voice through her artistry, predominantly in the form of drawing and painting self-portraits, often sourced from personal film footage. Her unique approach of occasionally working by rewinding the film footage breathes life and motion into her works, amplifying the sensation of time's inexorable flow.

Within this creative journey, Samuel skillfully navigates the intricate questions surrounding the self and the body, while simultaneously plunging into the profound realms of feminist discourse.

Samuel is scheduled to present her debut solo show in the USA (San Francisco) and commence her studies at the Royal College of Art in May 2024, supported by a scholarship award.

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