'Three Figures'




Location-Inch Arts Gallery Manchester-150cm x 100cm | Charcoal and pastel on paper | £3700 | -Please note- This piece has a different price point to include gallery pricing-
This is the first piece I created in this series and was the winner of the Inch Arts Gallery award 2022. This is currently sitting at the gallery in Manchester and will be included in my solo show running from 9th-30th September 2022. Here you will find multiple figures one on top of the other. Each figure represents a moment, a discovery, an un-resolved memory. The moment I felt myself becoming attached to it, I rubbed it away and began a new drawing. This process repeated over and over again eventually becomes a composition in its own right, even though most of the mark making is made up from a series of rubbings out. This is much like life-as life goes on, we become a series of experiences and this is a symbol of our fragility as human beings. Doing this kind of technique becomes a spiritual practice for me, a way of accepting our temporary nature and our imperfections.