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This piece comes framed, price does not include shipping. 

'If We Could Start Again'

  • 29.7cm x 59.4cm (A3)

    Charcoal and pastel on paper

    Original, one of a kind. 


    This piece was taken from the middle section of my larger piece titled 'Sofa'. Here you see multiple figures sitting side by side at different angles, some on top of each other in just line form, some receding into the background. All figures represent one person and the multiple layers in which we have. Some are looking away, and some are looking straight at the viewer, asking you to confront the parts of yourself you hide away. Some figures are hard to find in the drawing, and some are made up from other faces-characteristic of the complexity of our personalities. 


    Please contact Cicek Gallery for price inquiries

    +44 7951474149

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