Silent Paradise

  • SOLD


    -Oil Canvas


    This was the third piece Abi painted for her debut solo exhibition titled 'My Imaginary Lover' and formed the centre piece of the entire show, mainly due to its size. This has now been sold to Abi's most recent patron-an art critic for the New York times. She takes particular interest in art which explores the supression of women in third world countries.


    "From the series 'My Imaginary Lover' which based on a story I formed whilst doing my artist residency in the mountains of India, about a young Indian woman who was forced so go and lived with a Rajhastini Prince. In the midst of her saddess, she formed an imaginary love affair with a British military soldier who she sees outside of her window whilst overlooking the court in which she was imprisioned in. This series is about the exploitation of women, love and psychosis."


©2012 by Abi Joy Samuel Art.