Intermediate Art Masterclass

Taking your portraiture to the next level

Location: Victoria and Albert Museum, SW7 2RL 

Date: Saturday 17th August 2019

Time: 10:00-2:30pm

Meet at 10am at the main reception-I'll be wearing red flowers in my hair


Introduction and warm up exercises

1: Break the ice

2: Workshop overview

3: Quick sketches and experimentation

4: Discussion on old master techniques 

Basics of facial proportions and marking down facial measurements  

1: Theory on facial proportions according to the golden ratio

2: Draw the break down of the face according to the general theories of proportion 

3: Quick exercises to get used to marking down what you see from a sculpture

Long sketch from a sculpture and one to one tuition 

After a 30 minute coffee break in the World's oldest museum cafe, we will crack on with the main body of the program, drawing a semi-detailed drawing from one of the sculptures under my guidance.

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