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  • Interested in purchasing? Please contact Cicek Gallery directly:

    +44 7951474149



    100cm x 150cm (2A0)

    Charcoal and pastel on paper

    Original, one of a kind. 


    'Blue' is one of the main pieces from this collection. I created it whilst I was on my art collective's residency in Holland. The composition came about very intuitively, but was influenced by the renaissance sculptures I've spent time studying in Florence. The composition derives from two figures, both male and female, sitting on a chair in a variety of positions. The piece attempts to capture movement and time, our ever changing relationship with reality. The constant flux of emotions, experiences, our internal reality vs our external reality. The inclusion of both genders was important here. As someone who identifies as non-binary, I prefer to overlap both genders when using myself as model. As your eye travels round the painting, you can't always decipher which part is male, and which part female. Unable to pin down one sex, I am attempting to disorientate the viewer and change the way in which people interact with figurative art. 

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